Happy Holidays!

I know it’s been a HOT MINUTE. I’m sorry, I took the week off to celebrate Thanksgiving with the family and thus, have been on a little hiatus. But, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about you beautiful little gems. In fact, I took my time to think about what I would talk about when I did return.

And I figured it out.

Help you think about what you should be thankful for.

I don’t mean to put this out because I was late in posting it, but because being thankful can be tied to both Thanksgiving and Christmas alike. And I wanted to plant the seed of this thought right now, and let you think about it 22 days in advance before the holiday does arrive.

So, what can you be thankful for? 

Well, yes. Always be thankful for your family, the house you have, and the food on your plate. But you already know that. What I am talking about is a little more personal than that and I want you to dig a little deeper. Don’t worry, you won’t have to hold my hand and close your eyes so that you can say grace about it. Rather, I do want you to be thinking about this more than just while you read this.

So much has happened in your life, no doubt about that. You’ve been through some shit, and you have certainly gone through more than your fair share of problems, isn’t that why you’re here? More than just to reflect on your problems, I bring this up to maybe shift your perspective and stop looking at them as mistakes, or problems. You’ve heard the speech where “everything happens for a reason” but honestly…. that’s a bull shit expression used as an excuse for those who don’t really know how to help you through a tough situation. Though I may have referenced this expression before in my earlier posts, I have always expanded upon it to help give you a little more to hold on to rather than just that expression, bare bones.

Everything you encountered in your life, starting from the small ones to the bigger ones, have helped you become the very person you are right now. And I urge you to be proud of that person that you have become. Be thankful for the hardships that you went through because without them, you wouldn’t be as strong of a person. You wouldn’t be as determined, you wouldn’t be as strong-minded, you wouldn’t be as confident, you wouldn’t be as smart, you wouldn’t be as amazing as you are right now.

So please, when you look back at your past, don’t shun in disgust or embarrassment. Rather stand up strong and be confident in yourself. What you went through helped make you who you are right now, and let me tell you, that person is incredible.

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