Your Ideal Schedule

Alright, so as I explained and told you in my last blog post, I would try to help you set up the ideal schedule. First, I’m going to use the analogy of a workout plan. Though a workout plan has to do with your schedule, let’s just try and focus on the fact that you should set up daily and weekly goals. For example, Mondays and Tuesdays are chest days, and Wednesday is my cardio day and so on. By the end of 5 weeks I expect to lose/gain this much weight, and so forth. You get the point now. Not sure if you know this, but in order to get the most out of your workout plan, you should set up mini-rewards or goals. That way you keep yourself motivated to keep going, and this reigns true for your schedule as well.

Like the time you designate to do homework, look at the week you have ahead of you and try to rationalize. Line up your tasks and objectives all in a row and try to sort them out. Like we do with homework, try to push all the bigger things in the earlier parts of your week and then you should finish off with your lighter, maybe even more enjoyable work. Don’t force yourself to go to bed after just finishing a huge assignment where you’re still thinking about it, trust me it’s just awful. If you’re anything like me, when you know that you have to really get your crank on, you need to think about this subject as if it’s your 24/7/365. Even when I’m done, I still have those feelings and thoughts remaining as it takes me a little bit to try to recover from that.

However, I want to stress that I am one who believes you should only focus on working and working alone. I am a firm advocate in setting up little relievers along the road to make the torment a little less awful. Let’s be real with one another, it’s work. Work isn’t really designed to be fun, unless you’re in your made to be profession that you’ve always wanted to do. Work will tire us and stress us out. I can’t cure it, and I sure as hell know that the world can’t either no matter how much substances they provide you. I just want to try to lessen the blow.

I urge you try to make it so that once you finish the bigger tasks and duties that are lined up in your week, you spend a little time for yourself. I’m not saying you do this for very long but maybe watch an episode of your favorite show, cook a little dish if you consider cooking relaxing and soothing (which it is don’t you dare argue with me), or anything else you would consider pleasure. I’m only saying 30-45 minutes, which in reality terms, doesn’t really affect your day and your schedule.

So just relax, there are ways you can make things a little less stressful and hard on yourself. I am confident that if you can do this, you’ll realize how much more efficiently you are doing your work when you aren’t as stressed or overloaded with work.

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