Shut Out Your Opposition

Obviously the central theme here has a lot to deal with personality and individuality. In my opinion, that’s the first step in all of this. If you can truly get an understanding of what and who you are, and to “own it” the better off everything else will be. Focusing a little less on yourself and more on how others will react and are already acting, is what I’ll try to cover today.

We’ve already covered the topic of “You’re different, learn to get over it”. But maybe I didn’t give that statement enough attention; enough respect. I want to fix that by going a little more in-depth with it and to help you understand what I mean, if that was unclear before this.

Being different, means you challenge the “norm” and the “accepted” part of society. Challenge breeds conflict, and conflict breeds suffering, even to the slightest degree. (100000000000% positive I stole that from some action movie, just unsure of what movie that is. Oh well)

Challenging what most of the crowd has already accepted into their normal lives means something has to change. And from what I’ve gathered about society is that no one likes change. Change requires effort and time, and a lot of people really don’t appreciate giving that up. Change could mean you are a step ahead of them and the worst part is that cannot be accepted today. You either conform or get neglected. It’s as simple as that for them.

What you need to challenge yourself to do is to not back down, because you know they won’t if they go unopposed. It’s your right, no matter your origins, to stand up against your enemy. Granted, I’m not saying declare war nor am I advocating for physical violence. What I mean is, you fight back using your words and actions in life. Band together with your brothers and sisters and everyone else you identify with as a whole.  They will try to separate you and pick you apart, however it’s up to you to stand up for yourself. No one else can do it for you, I can just stand here cheering you on.

You can do it, you can fight back and you can show them that you will not be brought down. You are not one to mess with. You are not one that can be tossed aside. You are to be heard. You are to be known by all as the one who accepted change. What this world really needs right now is love sure, but even more general than that, this world needs change. And it’s not going to happen on its own. You are the resistance. You are the rebellion; band together and influence the change of the century. Don’t accept conformity, instead I challenge you to fight against it.

You are not to be ignored. If you can accept that, then you can and will go far. Just hold onto your ideals and values. Don’t let anyone take that way from you.

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