But How Can I Feel Significant?

Sure, I can tell you that it’s up to you all I want, but the same question will always be looping in your head. “How can I do that?” I mean, shit, if it were that easy I wouldn’t be feeling this way. That’s why I gave myself so much “room” here to tell you how I believe you can do this, how you can feel significant. So I can only hope, through all this, you can glimpse into what I’m talking about and see my perspective on how you can see yourself the way I see you. Taking a line from something I’m sure you would hear at some high school rally… You cannot say unique, without starting with you first.

Tying into a farther back post, we are all different. We are different for a reason. Scientifically we are different for our survival, for evolution. Religiously, we are different to reflect our creators and approach our own special destiny. A simple thought with many varying interpretations. Some how, someone thought that being different was a bad thing. That not being in a uniform clique actually puts you at the disadvantage. Since this message surrounds us, it really wasn’t hard to subconsciously accept it either. And now we have to fight back and achieve the understanding that difference is key and what helps us advance as a society.

You may not be able to play sports like she does, you may not be able to look the way he does, and you may not be able to succeed in school the way your parents did but how does that one little facet of your life affect every other bit? You are wonderfully complex and cannot be understood. You are so much deeper than meets the eye and your story extends farther than any series of books. You are, simply, amazing. You have so much going for yourself that you don’t even know yet. Whether you haven’t been in that stage of your life yet, or, you just can’t see it, you are truly incredible. I don’t care that you can’t play guitar like a famous rock star. I don’t care that you don’t have the best grades in school. I don’t care that you can’t play a perfect game of basketball pulling up from wherever you please. And guess what, you shouldn’t either. Because guess what? While you’re focusing on what you are unable to accomplish, you are forgetting how hard you work to support your family. While you’re worried about why your grades aren’t where you want them to be you’re somehow forgetting just how much you balance on your daily schedule, whereas Joe does nothing all day long.

Point being, you are tunnel visioned on one aspect of your life you may not have figured out yet and have mistreated the other aspects.

Please, please understand your significance does not begin and end with a decimal point. Or with your shooting percentage from the 3 point line. Or from how bad ass your guitar solo is. Your significance is a reflection of your personality, your character. And let me tell you not one single person can take that away from you. Your personality or character is so much deeper than these stupid little things that may surround your life.

You are truly amazing and wonderful to be around because of what makes you, you. You are defined by what you wish to define yourself as and that power was given to you at birth and cannot be taken away.

Wake up, and look at yourself in the mirror. You are unique. Don’t lose focus of yourself.

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