The Battle for Significance

Here, I will be doing my very best to help shed some light on a very common value you see in all of my posts, significance. Significance taking the form of being unique, being yourself, or understanding that your different was very apparent in the last blog post however this one is essentially a further explanation and clarification on what I mean when I say “you’re unique”.

We’ve been surrounded with this message ever since we were little. You were taught by your parents, guardians, and friends what it means to “make your mark”. We walk around with our own “identities”, your own placard telling everyone “Hi my name is ____”. We’ve struggled with this concept all our lives. I wish to be the class clown, I wish to be the funny kid, I wish to be the popular one, I wish to be loved by all… You can’t even really help it, but it’s been in your life whether you have noticed it or not. I mean, think back right now, even if you were the quiet one, that was your mark in class. Be quiet, focus on school, move on. What did you do in school and who were you to everyone else? Focusing on this is key because you must understand your roots in order to grow.

Of course, as life goes on this concept becomes a much bigger issue. The scale is bigger, and there’s more at stake now or at least we convince ourselves this much. Why is it that when we’re young we have more sense of purpose and belonging? Why is this phenomenon occurring, spinning wildly out of control? Why is it that when I was in fourth grade I had it all figured it out but now in college I struggle with identity issues? Why can’t I fit in? Why can’t I be that guy? Why can’t I be her? Why can’t I make others happy? Why can’t I just change? Why do I have to be this way? Why must I struggle, and take others down with me? Why must I be in agony all the time?


Breathe, listen to me. Please, don’t let the voices scream too loud.

You have less to worry about and handle when you’re a kid, that’s an obvious fact. As you grow up, the more you have to worry about and the more you’re responsible. That’s where the problem begins. But as the problem grows, like a cancer, we continue on with our lives. We only notice it when it grows into the tumor that ruins and runs our everyday schedule. But this does not mean that there’s nothing we can do. This does not mean there is no hope. Yes, there is medication to try to combat symptoms of your “struggle to feel or be significant” but it’s never that easy is it? I wish the mind was something that could be plugged in and changed. I wish that we had the right understanding of our brains and the dynamic of how “emotions” work so that all we have to do is pop the pill. But let’s be frank, it doesn’t work that way does it? Addiction or a sense of loss seemingly is a constant cycle to those who are emotionally dependent on these remedies. I wholeheartedly believe this isn’t a problem that medication can solve, only postpone, maybe lessen but never fix.

No, in fact, I think I know the solution. The solution is you, and you too have the power to get out of this. People are definitely there to point you in the right direction and pick you up when we stumble but listen to me, you are the only one able to walk. You are the only one who can step right, then left. Think about it, it’s your strength it’s your power. If you can really understand this, it will make my next post make a hell of a lot more sense.

You are the strongest person I know, you can do it.


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