How-To “Approach” Society

So if you are paying attention to the blog, you would have read with the last post the explanation for this one. I decided to split it up into two posts with one goal into mind “don’t text dump”. One blog post that goes in-depth so that the next blog post can just be geared to my advice regarding society and what this may help you with. So let’s go right into it.

Arguably, one can define society as the embodiment of people all working towards goals and visions. Society is not constant, rather, ever-changing and evolving. Society today is vastly different from what it used to, and everything can affect it. Society today, more often than not, holds a rather negative place in our lives. For good reason too, I mean, society is geared towards placing expectancies and behaviors on all of us as if it’s their job. In recent times, when the internet and social media became much more apparent in our lives, society assumed a very parental role. And correct me if I’m wrong, no one really asked for them to. They stand and point fingers at you, wishing to drive you into the ground. Showering you in ideals, values and cultures that you must assume is right. And a lot of times, we do, without even really knowing it. I mean how many times have you heard the expression just because everyone does it, doesn’t make it right. Wow, thanks genius, a little harder than you think. I’d like to argue the same person who came up with that came up with the expression sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. And how valid does that sound? Social pressures are the hardest things to ignore, I mean if everyone does it, why aren’t I? Is there something wrong with me? Why can’t I be like everyone else? 

We all have had these thoughts, and if you dare tell me you haven’t, you’re lying. Alright, now to what we can do, or more importantly, what you can do.

First, and hardest step of all, stop doubting yourself. You are MEANT to be different from everyone. You were not made, whether you want to say it’s due to religious reason or scientific, to be like someone else. Religiously, you were made to fill out one purpose, and that purpose can only be fulfilled by you and only you, seriously. Scientifically, how well off would our race be if evolution wasn’t a thing? You were born with your own iterations and specific traits so that you could single-handedly be a better human than the last. Relax, I know evolution is slow, but you get the point. I don’t care if everyone does that one thing, or looks that sort of way, never at any point in time were you supposed to be like them.

Secondly, appreciate that you’re different. You are unique, you are I promise. Whatever quirk, hobby, pet peeve, trait, or “thing” about you makes you special and makes you, you. Life wouldn’t be the way it is if everyone had the same personality. You are the very reason this life has “more flavor”.

Thirdly, relax. This process takes a lifetime to master, seriously. You will back track, doubt yourself, cry, wish you were the same, or feel like you’re going nowhere. These are the very obstacles that are thrown at you by yourself and others that are meant to shape you. That’s right, it is not life’s pleasures that shape you, it’s life’s hardships that build character. How you respond to these doubts and hurdles strengthens your character each and every time. You should not care that today you made only an inch step forward. Because guess what, no matter how you spin, every step forward is progress.

Society is a judgmental creature that doesn’t withhold wrath from anyone, you are all susceptible and have been attacked before. Sure, there are those that can ignore and withstand the torment but there are plenty of others that can’t and we all need to band together to help everyone. I’m going to do all that I can to give you a voice, to give you a place where help isn’t offered, expected from me. I hope this helps you in some sort of way.

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