Setting up the foundation

It’s really hard to define, or even talk about, the mind. Arguably one of life’s greatest mysteries, our minds hold the potential for virtually anything and everything. Creating, withholding, storing, learning, etc. Our minds are unique to each and every one of us. 7 billion people, 7 billion personalities, 7 billion different iterations of the same human form. Now, I am not here nor could I be here to explain the mind. What I am here for is a little bit more, personal. Each and every day we encounter different scenarios that shape who we are. Whether it’s picking up trash you see on the street, or saving someone from a burning building, our lives are crafted to shape who we are. Now, with that being said, life has to step in at some point and really mess things up, just to see how you would react. “If I put this here, what are you going to do with it” type of thing. Life brings each and every one of us highs, lows, plateaus, fantastic days, unbelievably shitty days; life can do it all.

To put it plainly, life can be scary and it is completely unpredictable. You don’t, and cannot, guarantee anything that goes on tomorrow. And for a lot of us, that’s terrifying, like me. Ever since I was a little kid, I hated “not knowing”. It was awful, and to use as an example let’s look at the typical humorous example that is Christmas. I always wanted to know what I had gotten; I would go extraordinary lengths just to appease my state of uncertainty. Moving to a little bit more of an extreme example, you can look at high school. I hated seeing people giving me side glances and talking at the same time. In fact, seeing that would give me anxiety and the irresistible urge to confront the group to find out what they were saying; assuming it was about me.

In short, I get anxious when I don’t know something. Regardless of that, I made the decision to make this blog. To make this “Safe Place” (horrible title but stay focused) that any and all are welcome to reading. A place where I can unload my thoughts, opinions and problems and see if maybe you could sort through your own confusion. I wish to upload texts and segments that once you finish reading through, you have another perspective on life itself and could maybe better yourself in the present/future. We’re all human and we are all going through struggles and issues that make, and sometimes break us. How are we expected to move forward if we can’t band together as a whole and pick each other up? Your Safe Place wishes to give you that helping hand. Here, society cannot reach you. Here, your bully that sits across from you in class cannot reach you. Here, your overly critical “friends”, cannot reach you. I am going to make myself vulnerable in a lot of ways in this blog, and I can only ask that you do the same, when you’re ready.

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